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Corporate Training on the Flying Trapeze!

Employee Resilience

Start-Up Pivot

Effective Communication

Post-Corona Re-Launch

Leadership Development

Team Performance

Our programs are fun and effective. Participants report positive, lasting business impact and improved work relationships. Our proven 3-phase methodology integrates mini-lectures and interactive discussions with aerial activities to maximize learning and retention.

  • No prior experience or special skills required

  • We can accommodate a wide variety of capabilities and preferences

  • Aerial skills are performed over a net by participants in safety lines

  • Customized ½-day, 1-day, & multi-day programs available

Execu-Care is proud to be the sole provider of corporate L&D programs using the flying trapeze in Israel. We can work with your team at any of our global training facilities in Tel Aviv, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, San Francisco, San Diego, and a variety of Club Med locations.

All training programs are led by Edy Greenblatt, PhD. She is the global authority on providing physical experiences that enhance executive performance, resilience, and team effectiveness. Dr. Edy received her Master’s degree in Psychology and joint PhD in Organizational Behavior from Harvard University and Harvard Business School. She’s been training teams for over 20 years. Our programs are staffed by master coaches from Israel, Europe, the US, and Canada, who have over 10,000 hours of combined professional experience.


In Israel, our programs are hosted by The Hebrew Flying Trapeze, founded in 2013 by Sefi Mouyal and Tal Gutstadt.  It is Israel’s preeminent teaching facility for aerial arts, with hundreds of students learning flying trapeze skills at all levels. Master teachers Sefi and Tal have over 30 years’ combined training experience.    | whatsapp +1.626.644.7745

cel +972.58.627.7860 |